About Equine & Pet Services


Equine & Pet Services was founded in 2005 by Giles Jackson, the son of a vet, to offer horse and pet owners a more caring and personalised service at the end of their animals’ lives. 

We are members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria, which sets the standards for the respectful cremation and burial of companion animals.

For further information about the high standards of professional conduct and client care we adhere to as APPCC members, please visit www.appcc.org.uk.

Your horse or pet will be treated with the utmost respect and care throughout, from the point of collection (if required) to the handing over of the ashes afterwards. 

Horses will be collected from your selected premises in a discreet, clean trailer and brought straight back to our Garden Yard.

At Equine & Pet Services, every cremation is undertaken individually, so you can be assured that your pet is given the attention it deserves throughout its cremation and that its ashes alone are returned to you. 


This poem, which was written by the owner Giles’s father, a lifelong vet, expresses in some small part, how your grief is shared by others.

by Peter Jackson
B.A.(Hons) M.Phil D.Vet M.R.C.V.S. M.I.Biol

Yes, they have left him
No, there’s nought to do
Save let him out of life the gentle way
 For wear of body tissues past repair
 Is that hard price so many years must pay?
Yes, I have known him since he was a pup
I vaccinated him long years ago
And treated him a score of times since then -
Somehow it’s fitting I should let him go.
He trusts me and holds up a paw, unasked:
“One needle more old friend-the best and last”. 
Thus to put off the weariness of pain – 
Slip soft from sleep to silence, suffering past.